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Caernarfon Castle North Wales..

Historic Caernarfon Castle a World Heritage Site

Caernarfon Castle is a “brute of a fortress”. Caernarfon Castle has a pumped up appearance and is shamelessly muscle bound and menacing. To pick a fight with this substantial structure would have been a frightening prospect. King Edward I in the creation of Caernarfon Castle was effectively throwing his weight around in stone. Caernarfon Castle is surely one of the most impressive of Wales’s castles; worthy of its World Heritage status no less!


Most castles are content with round towers not Caernarfon, polygonal towers were the order of the day, with the “Eagle Tower” being the most notable of these. You will also see the colour coded stones carefully arranged in bands.

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The site of this great castle was not selected by accident. Previously it had been the location of a Norman “motte and bailey castle” and even before that a Roman fort stood close by. The allure of water and easy access to the sea made the shores of the River Seiont a perfect spot for Edward’s giant in stone.

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King Edward was not one to overlook on a chance to tighten his hold on the native Welsh people even further. The birth of his son the first English “Prince of Wales”, in the castle in 1284, was an ideal method to stamp his domination. In 1969 HRH Prince Charles; the current Prince of Wales was invested in the grounds of Caernarfon Castle.


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